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Season 1, Episode 61
Air date December 28, 2014
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Determined (Shūnen, 執念) is Episode 61 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from near end of chapter 182 to chapter 186 of the manga.


Inashiro desperately tries to score, immensely pressuring Sawamura. Will the momentum shift to their favor?


Kunitomo has his players close their eyes and lets them picture the image of victory. He then tells his players that they only need one run to surely win the game. Inashiro sends out Yabe, their pinch hitter. He bunts at Sawamura's first pitch but is a foul. Yabe glares at Sawamura making the first-year realize that the game has reached the point of win or lose; of life and death. He pitches whilst thinking that he cannot lose and cannot be overwhelmed. Yabe hits and Haruichi chases after the ball, quickly throwing to first to out Yabe.


Carlos pressures Eijun

Carlos is next to bat. He's hunching the plate to seal inside pitches. The move pressures Sawamura but Miyuki still calls for an inside pitch. The first pitch is a ball. Carlos hits the second but is a foul. Sawamura wonders what drives Inashiro so much as he remembers Narumiya's determined look; then wonders why they fight so hard. Sawamura feels more pressure but continues to attack. Carlos hits a fly ball that is caught by Sakai for the second out of the inning. Seidou is now one out away from their dream stage.

Shirakawa is batting next and follows Carlos' strategy in facing Sawamura.


Miyuki signals Kataoka

He battles it out with Sawamura who throws harder each pitch, and eventually hits Shirakawa on the head shocking everyone. Shirakawa stands and howls. Seidou gathers to the mound while Shirakawa receives treatment in the dugout. The team try to encourage Sawamura but Miyuki notices Sawamura's changed behavior after the dead ball, then sends a signal to his coach. Miyuki tells Sawamura that he's done well. Kataoka calls for a pitcher change sending in Kawakami. Inashiro sends Carlos as their pinch runner in Shirakawa's place. The episode finishes with a face off between Kawakami and third batter, Yoshizawa.