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Dark Horse
Season 1, Episode 31
Air date May 11, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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Dark Horse (Dāku Hōsu, ダークホース) is Episode 31 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapter 89 to 91 of the manga.


Seidou makes it to the top eight, and they stay to watch the match between Ichidai High and Yakushi High. Ichidai display their batting prowess early in the game but their ace, Manaka is shaken after Yakushi's freshman and clean-up Todoroki Raichi hits a two-homer in the bottom of the first, shocking everyone.


As Seidou leave the dugout, Ichidai's coach, congratulate Kataoka for making it to the quarter final first. Seidou stay to watch them play against Yakushi high- an offensive team that doesn't bunt. In the first inning, Ichidai score three runs in quick succession with a home run by their cleanup hitter, captain, and third baseman Omae. Miyuki compares their batting line-up with Seidou's shocking the freshman pitchers. Ichidai's next batter hits but the ball is caught by Yakushi's third baseman, Todoroki Raichi. He however, makes a throwing error and the first baseman fail to catch.

Ichidai's coach is confident that they'll win despite the changes Yakushi made in their line-up, putting three tenth graders as the heart of their batting line-up. It is revealed that Manaka, Ichidai's ace, and Tanba grew up together and before they parted ways in junior high, they promised that they'll become aces of their teams and play against each other at Koshien. Ichidai scores six runs in total on top of the first. At the bottom however, Raichi who is impressed with Manaka's pitch, hits a two-homer, shocking everyone and affecting Manaka. After that home run, Manaka lost his rhythm, giving up a total of four runs in the first and was pulled out to the outfield to regain his calm.

In the bottom of the sixth, Ichidai is leading at 11-8. In Yakushi's dugout, Raichi fights with the coach, who turns out to be his father, Raizou. Yakushi scores another run but Ichidai pulls out a double play after. In Ichidai's dugout, Manaka apologize for troubling the team but let's his resolve known to take the team once again to Nationals. Bottom of the seventh, Manaka returns to the mound and stares at Raichi.