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Daiya no C

C of Diamond!! Seidou High School Baseball Club Cat Diary (ダイヤのC!! 青道高校野球部猫日誌, Daiya no C!! Seidou Koukou Yakyuubu Neko Nisshi) is a manga series spin-off of Diamond no Ace, written and illustrated by Yuuki Okada, wife of Yuuji Terajima.

It started publishing on 12 January 2022, via Shounen Magazine’s online manga site Magazine Pocket.[1]


Sawamura and his Room 5 mates, Kuramochi and Asada, take care of a cat in their room and worries about the cat's meals and baths. Meanwhile, pets are prohibited in Seidou's dormitory premises! Sawamura and co. do everything they can to keep the cat a secret. The struggle pays off with the cuteness of the cat!

List of Chapters[]

  • Chapter 001: Room 5 and a Cat
  • Chapter 002: The Cat's Name
  • Chapter 003: Miyuki and a Cat
  • Chapter 004: The Visitor Haruichi
  • Chapter 005: Kanitama Manhunt
  • Chapter 006: Operation: Bathe Kanitama
  • Chapter 007: Okumura’s Distress
  • Chapter 008: Miyuki’s Hardwork
  • Chapter 009: Inajitsu’s Cat
  • Chapter 010: Unannounced Inspection
  • Chapter 011: Kanemaru’s Concerns
  • Chapter 012: Pet Cam
  • Chapter 013: A Night Walk
  • Chapter 014: Miyuki’s Outcome
  • Chapter 015: Yakushi’s Cat
  • Chapter 016: 1st Years’ Day Off
  • Chapter 017: Yui Kaoru’s Turmoil