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Sanada Cutter
First Seen
Manga Act I - Chapter 105
Anime S1 - Episode 36
Notable Users
Pitchers Sanada Shunpei

Sawamura Eijun

The Cutter or Cut fastball is a type of breaking pitch that belongs to the Breaking Fastball family. This pitch is somewhat between a Slider and a Fastball. It is thrown faster than a Slider but with more movement than a Fastball.

A Cutter breaks to the glove hand side of the pitcher so a Cutter pitched by a right-handed pitcher will breaks to the left while a left-handed pitcher's Cutter will breaks to the right from the pitcher's view point.

Due to its late movement, the Cutter is very effective at getting soft contact and easy outs since when thrown against an opposite handed batter, the ball will escape the bat's sweet spot.


The grip for the Cutter is similar to that of a 4-seam fastball grip but with the ball set slightly off center in the hand, or literally a few stitches away from the 4-seam fastball grip.


Pitcher Description Image
Sanada Shunpei Sanada's Cutter is one of his signature pitch, it is very effective against left-handed batters like Miyuki since it can jam the batter, resulting in weak contact. See infobox
Sawamura Eijun Sawamura's Cutter is thrown with a Cross-step which he used to pitched the incourse Cross-fire and with his flexible fingers and body, he can causes the pitch to break.
  • Revised Cutter: An upgraded version of the Cutter pitched with an alternated Cutter Grip and also with the Cross-step. The pitch has as much velocity as Sawamura's 4-seam while also breaks more violently than its counterpart making the pitch seems like it vanishes right at the plate.[1][2]
Sawamura Cutter


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