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The Curveball is a breaking ball that travels on a curve and drives down at the plate, breaking to the opposite side of the pitcher's throwing arm. It can be said that many pitchers have this breaking ball in their repertoire.

It's speed is slower than a fastball's, so it is often used as a change of pace pitch to confuse the batters timing. if the vertical break is sharp enough, then it also can be used to make the batter swing and miss.[1]


The ball should be held as shallowly as possible the thumb to allow for enough room between the line of the thumb and index finger and the ball. The arm should be bent enough to send the ball on the projected trajectory as the motion is followed through as if the pitcher wants to rub the ball with the middle finger that is placed on the seam.


Pitcher Description Image
Tanba Koichiro Tanba's curveball is notable for its big and sharp break. He has good control on the pitch and is perhaps the most reliable pitch within Tanba's arsenal. (see infobox)
You Shunshin Shunshin has very precise control on his breaking ball, allowing him to hit the outside corner of the zone and gets easy strikes. Shunshin curveball
Umemiya Seichi Uemiya mostly uses his slow curveball throughout the majority of a game. Since it's not even 100 km/h, he uses it as an off-pace pitch to increase the effectiveness of his fastball.

Special Feature: Umemiya can throw a faster variety of the curveball which he refers to as the power curve. This pitch is faster and breaks much sharper than its slow counterpart.

Umemiya slowcurve Umemiya powercurve
Amahisa Kousei Amahisa utilizes the Curveball like an off-pace pitch to get the batters off-balance. This pitch is often overshadowed compare to his Slider but once Amahisa can fully control his Curveball in a match, his Fastball and Slider becomes even more effective. TBA
Maki Yousuke The curveball is his signature breaking pitch. Since Maki is a pitcher with great height, his curveball moves at a different angle from other pitchers and his over-the-top arm slot makes it even more difficult to hit. Maki curveball
Akamatsu Shinji Shinji's Curveball starts out as seemingly rising then drops big and sharp at the plate. It has a tricky movement that prevents batter from even touching it. Shinji Curveball
Asada Hirofumi Since Asada is a tall South Paw pitcher, his curveball movement is quite unique. It is a slow curveball that has a big, loopy movement and is especially effective against left-handed batters as it appears to go into their body before breaking back into the plate. Asada Curveball 01


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