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Season 3, Episode 22
Air date August 27, 2019
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Chosen (指名, Shimei) is the 22nd episode of Diamond no Ace Act II anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 61 to the fourth to the last page of chapter 63 of the Act II manga.


Sawamura & Yui and Furuya & Okumura form a battery. Okumura declined Sawamura's request as he wants to uphold the pledge, that he'll earn the right to catch his pitch only and only when he's on the first string. While accepting Furuya's request out of curiosity and wants to see the second year ace's pitches upclose. Okumura's ability as a catcher shines in the bullpen, as Furuya also notes he feels comfortable with his catching. While waiting for Miyuki to help him practice, Sawamura for once feels bad for interrupting his batting practice. Reasoning he rarely sees Miyuki practice so hard. Miyuki encourages Sawamura, explaining that he too wants to go all out in the Golden Week games. The 'numbers' practice between Miyuki and Sawamura are overseen by Kataoka, learning that pitches after Number 7 lack control. It is after this, Kataoka decides on Sawamura as the starter for the practice game against Senbatsu's Hakuryu in 3 days. The strongest team out of all the practice games.