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Change Gears
Season 1, Episode 53
Air date October 18, 2014
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Change Gears (Gia Chenji, ギアチェンジ) is Episode 53 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 155 to 158 of the manga.


Inashiro finally gets to hit Furuya's pitches whilst Narumiya continues to strike out Yuuki.


Ryosuke hits Narumiya's pitch but doesn't make it on base. Seido's offense for the inning is finished just after three batters. It's Seidou's turn to defend. Inashiro is making Furuya pitch as many as they can. The inning ends with Furuya striking out the batters. Furuya's pitch count is now 56 after three innings. At the dugout, Sawamura offers Furuya water and tells him "Nice Pitch", to Furuya and Miyuki's surprise. Furuya drinks and Sawamura reacts reminding him to drink only half; and fans him with a towel later.

Seidou's offense. Isashiki hits but Carlos catches the ball. Yuuki's next at-bat and Narumiya shuts the crowd by striking Yuuki out with three strikes. Isashiki thinks that Narumiya's only going all out against Yuuki. Masuko hits the fastball but doesn't make it on base. Bottom of the fourth, Carlos is at-bat. Furuya pitches 4 balls and walks the batter. Shirakawa sacrifice bunts. He signs his coach and Yoshizawa that Furuya's speed has dropped. Yoshizawa'a hits the first pitch but Masuko makes a great save. Harada's next. The first pitch is a splitter. Miyuki asks for inside pitches next. Harada hits the fourth pitch, gets on base and Carlos scores. Narumiya's at bat, hits, and the ball goes high into the right field. Inashiro scores another run but managed to out Narumiya. Furuya's pitch count reached 68 and Kataoka intends to switch Furuya with Tanba the next inning.

Top of the fifth. Miyuki battles Narumiya with fouls, and Narumiya strikes him out with a fastball to the inside. Furuya hits a long one and gets to second base.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.