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Chain Reaction
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date July 20, 2015
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Chain Reaction is episode 16 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The Episode follows the storyline from Chapters 281 to 283.


Seidou High continue to expand their lead. But despite being down by five, Ugumori's team however, remain unperturbed and cheerful. Finding inspiration from Matsubara's strong will he's continued to show the team, and the cheering crowd behind them, Ugumori's batters attack relentlessly with no plans of stopping.


Everyone is impressed with Furuya's tenacity. Sawamura asks Furuya in the dugout why he's pitching economically as it's not his usual style. Furuya doesn't answer but Sawamura goes on saying that Furuya is not possibly trying to pitch the entire game and that baseball isn't as easy as he think.

Bottom of the seventh, with two outs and runners on base for Seidou, Higasa is sent to bat in Kanemaru's place. Higasa hits Umemiya's pitch, not wanting to fall behind after seeing how his batch-mates easily got a hit off Umemiya. Seidou scores their eighth run and now up by five. Ugumori gathers on the mound and surprises everyone with their relaxed demeanor. Apparently, Matsubara is giving Umemiya penalty of ten laps run for every run he gives up. This relaxes the team and the crowd cheers for them.

On top of the eighth, Ugumori's batters attack relentlessly finding inspiration from Matsubara's strong will. In middle school, Matsubara was full of talent, had great leadership skills and a promising future, but during his second year, he was involved in an accident that got him on a wheelchair. But despite this, he still continued to dream of going to Nationals. While the rest of the team think of Matsubara as strong, Umemiya knows how hard it must've been for Matsubara to come to terms with his fate. They eventually followed Matsubara to Ugumori High and his advices gave them encouragement.

Ugumori takes back two runs earning more cheers from the crowd. With the momentum now on their side Ugumori's team feels they can make something happen with Matsubara and Umemiya on their team.