• Miki Bishop

    so, for some reason, my posts don't show up.  I spent some time working on this darn thing so I'm going to post here who I think is the best battery for Daiya no ace:

    Chris is a phantom, something heard of but not seen.  To say that the great battery is Sawamura and Chris is based on what?  One game?  We've never seen Chris catch in a real game.  Sawamura and Chris can't be the best if we've never really seen their teamwork.  It's all just hype and sentimental feelings, but I also have to say that the other commentors do a better job than me of extrapolating a ChrisXSawamura battery.

    I think that we get more of a feeling for the Chris legend from Miyuki than we do from Sawamura's relationship with him, it's just that it's half-hidden.  More …

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  • Thiswasmadeonawhim

    Music Revival

    March 21, 2019 by Thiswasmadeonawhim

    Man it's been forever since I've edited here. I'm personally ecstatic over the arrival of Act II (S3) and with that comes more great music. I took a small break from updating due to college and all, but now that I'm all graduated (time sure flies), I plan to add more album entries and such. Thinking about also including music info for the Live stage, cause it's all good content.

    I wasn't sure how else to get this out here, as in a better method of posting all this, but I'll be looking forward to working with all of you again.

    As an aside, I may start building up a section for the Live, since we've had 5 stage plays so far. I'm hoping that some other members would be interested in helping build it up.

    (you can contact me about any stuff via twit…

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  • TNMBLoneWolf

    Requesting Help

    June 15, 2018 by TNMBLoneWolf

    If anybody who is a fan of Major and Major 2nd reads this post, please click on and help add information to character pages which are mostly blank and prevent spammers from posting incorrect information on pages. Yes, I know that I should be posting something Diamond no Ace related, but since this is a wiki about a Baseball anime there should be some fans of the Major series here who are willing to help.

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  • Grindelboo

    I can't even remember why I was on the Japanese wiki.

    'Hittingu maachi? What the hell is that?'

    Half an hour of google research later I'm sitting down to join a wiki and edit for about four hours.


    - So many of them have girly idol songs. No Morning Musume, but AKB48? Otsuka Ai? The Cutie Honey theme song?! Do you know what the lyrics are to that song??????  Jesus.

    - So much anime. Given, it's mostly old anime themes that are probably as a part of their growning up as the Scooby Doo song was for us... but still. Imagine someone singing the Spongebob song at your baseball game.

    - Shirakawa's song is LITERALLY 'RED'. UGHHHH. I will forgive this though, as I love X Japan and Kurenai is actually one of my favourite songs.

    - If Raichi'…

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  • DaiyaNace


    June 30, 2014 by DaiyaNace

    If you were to relate the characters, well just out of your imagination and research i suppose, who would you relate a Daiya No A character who is part of MLB or any basebal professional team in your country?

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  • Muhammad zull

    Fixed page

    January 26, 2014 by Muhammad zull

    Hello i think we need to fixed many thing in here. So many missing is in correct. I like to add and edit many page in here.

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  • Linzer.Melange

    Wiki Adoption

    November 10, 2013 by Linzer.Melange

    Hey everyone :)

    I would like to know if there is someone who is interested in adopting this wikia? He or she should fulfill the requirements of the Adoption guidelines.

    If there is nobody interested, I would like to try my luck and make a adoption request, so that I can continue to develop and improve this wikia with a few extra buttons ;)

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