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Beyond the Dream
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date April 2, 2019
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Beyond the Dream (夢の先, Yume no Saki) is the 1st episode of Diamond no Ace Act II anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 1 to the first half of chapter 2 of the Act II manga and includes some parts from the original manga.


The first day of the Spring Koshien has come! Making his debut in the nationals, Sawamura is determined to show off what he had achieved, only to fail dramatically. Meanwhile, Hongou Masamune of Komadai Fujimaki takes the stadium to storm.


The episode opened with a view of the Koshien Stadium, then proceeded to recap multiple scenes from the previous seasons with Sawamura narrating.

Picking up where the last season left off, Seidou High has won their prefecture's fall tournament and advances to the Spring Invitational. They face off against Homei in the first round, with Furuya pitching. Later on, he passes the torch to Sawamura. Sawamura is elated to pitch his best in his debut in Koshien, only to slip on his feet and roll over the mound. This arouses many laughs and jabs from the crowd.

Seidou wins the first round. Yui, an upcoming first year in Seidou watches them on tv and remarks how Seidou needs Sawamura if they ever want to be the national champions. Meanwhile, Okumura criticizes how the team plays.

On another place, the players of Komadai Fujimaki are also watching Seidou's game from the television. Enjou talks about how strong the opposing team is and warns Hongou that they may be facing their ace in the third round. Hongou shows disdain and calls Furuya as the pitcher who "ran away from Hokkaido". The coach enters and tells Hongou that he will be the relief pitcher for tomorrow, something that angers the pitcher.