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Azuma Kiyokuni
Seidou High School
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Kanji 東清国
Nickname Metabolic-senpai (メタボリック先輩) (by Sawamura)
Gender Male
Age 18 (debut)

19 [1]

Date of birth 23 September
Place of birth Osaka Prefecture
Education Seidou Alumnus [2]
First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 1
Anime S1 - Episode 1
Voice Actor Nobuyuki Hiyama
How much you can improve is really up to you.
— Azuma[3]

Azuma Kiyokuni was an arrogant 3rd Year at Seidou High the year before Sawamura, Furuya and Kominato joined the school. He and Sawamura ended up having a heated confrontation however, on the day that Sawamura was being given a tour of the school. He is a professional player and was a third round draft pick for the pro league.


He has a nasty behavior and is a big guy in description. The first time he is described as this is when he encountered Sawamura Eijun and only by Sawamura.

In reality he is a caring senpai, and goes out of his way to come support his alma mater and gifting the team with a multitude of supplies. He has stated in a message that he had Chris convey to Nori, that he only yells at the people/players that he likes and that he wants to keep an eye on.

Despite this, he is shown to be somewhat arrogant and extremely prideful in his batting and baseball skills.

He believes his charm point is his big stomach.


Act I[]

Rei convinzing Azuma

When Sawamura comes to watch Seidou's practice Azuma is yelling at his teammate Kawakami Norifumi for cowardly pitching. He says if he isn't even going to try, he should go home to his farmhouse. Sawamura, who favors friendship, gets angry and picks up a fight with him. Rei takes the chance and contrives it, that Sawamura forms a battery with Miyuki Kazuya to challenge Azuma. In the end Azuma gets defeated.[4]


Batting: Azuma is a slugger with forty-two home runs in his high school career.[5]





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