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At the Dorm...
Season 1, Episode 48
Air date September 14, 2014
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At the Dorm... (Ryou nite..., 寮にて....) is Episode 48 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. This episode covers chapters 141 and 142 of the manga.


The Seidou players study Narumiya's pitching, and Yuuki believes that they can take Narumiya down this year.


At the Seidou Spirit dorm, the players study Narumiya's pitching from a video of the Inashiro vs. Sakurazawa game. Chris mentions that Narumiya used the crossfire pitch well, and Sawamura thinks he's heard of that pitch before. Miyuki tells Sawamura that he pitched it during their game against Sensen, surprising Sawamura.

Ryosuke asks Yuuki's opinion about Narumiya's pitching, being the only person who hit his pitches last year. Yuuki replies that they have two batters in front who can disrupt the opponent, and batters who can adapt to the situation. He tells his teammates that they can take Narumiya down this year, raising the teams morale. Afterwards, Tanba tells Chris and Miyuki that he'd like to have a pitchers meeting, and asks them to join. Kuramochi is fired up after Yuuki's speech, but notices that something is wrong with Ryosuke's leg. At Inashiro, Harada and Narumiya studies Seidou's batting line-up whilst Kunitomo studies Seidou's pitcher relay. At Seidou's pitcher meeting, Chris and Miyuki preside and talks to the pitchers about balls. Tanba says that he want to tell something to the group.

Back to Inashiro, the players practice their batting against four different types of pitchers. Narumiya entertains reporters and talks of his goal of becoming the best in Japan, annoying Harada. Kunitomo is interviewed by Mine Fujio about Narumiya not pitching at some games last Autumn, and wonders if it's because of Inashiro's loss at the Summer Koshien. Kunitomo replies that while it's true Narumiya broke his form and had suffered greatly after Nationals, he was forced to face the harsh reality of baseball. He later adds that there's nothing like playing in Nationals.

At Seidou, Sawamura is highly motivated and practices his pitches with Chris. Chris think that his enthusiasm must've been due to what Tanba had said at the meeting. Tanba told the group that whoever stands on the mound to pitch, is the ace of the team. Back to the present, Chris challenges Sawamura to pitch. Sawamura asks who is the batter, and Chris replies Inashiro's Harada. Sawamura throws his best pitch.