Aotsuki Wakana
High School
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Kanji 蒼月若菜
Gender Female
Age 15 (debut)

16 [1]

Date of birth 13 July
Place of birth Nagano Prefecture
Bloodtype A
Height 156 cm (5' 1.5")
Weight 44 kg (97 lbs)
First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 1
Anime S1 - Episode 1
Voice Actor Ayano Kaji

Aotsuki Wakana is one of Sawamura Eijun's best friends. They have known each other since childhood.


She has short, chestnut brown hair, brown eyes, and a slim figure. The managers of Seidou High find her to be cute. Kuramochi is especially surprised by her attractiveness, taking his envy of Sawamura out on him by kicking him much harder than usual. Some of Sawamura's upperclassmen are interested in seeing what she looks like.


Aotsuki is kind and somewhat quiet young woman, almost never voicing her thoughts aloud, although seeing Eijun in action always seems to make her and her friends cheer. When around or even just thinking about him, a light blush appears in her cheeks. Recently she does not always openly show her affection to him, avoiding his line of sight. (i.e. after the match vs Sensen)


Aotsuki was a member of Sawamura's middle school baseball team. She was a right fielder with the jersey number 9. During practice she was also catching for Sawamura, as she was seen complaining about how hard Sawamura's balls were to catch. She encourages Sawamura to go to Seidou to make his dream come true and because she fears he wouldn't pass any entrance exam.

Relationship with other charactersEdit

Sawamura EijunEdit

She is mistaken by Kuramochi as Sawamura's girlfriend, but Sawamura repeats several times that she is just a childhood friend and not his girlfriend. [2] Later on Wakana confesses via mail her feeling that she want to watch Sawamura closer on his great development as a pitcher. Sawamura still has not replied to that mail.[3]

Among their Akagi teammates and before Sawamura left for Seido, Aotsuki was very practical and was Sawamura's most frank critic as far as his acedemic prospects for high school, and while her criticisms stung she was not as heavy-handed in expressing them to him as his Seido teammates often are.


  • Wakana watch Seidou's game.
  • Wakana talks about Eijun.
  • Wakana visits Eijun
  • Wakana texting eijun
  • wakana waiting mail
  • Wakana and Eijun at the shrine.


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