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An Uncompromising Challenge
Season 2, Episode 19
Air date August 10, 2015
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An Uncompromising Challenge is episode 19 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The Episode follows the manga story line from second half of Chapter 290 to first few pages of Chapter 293.


Seidou pulls off a double play to beat Ugumori High. In a different stadium, Shunshin decides to face Raichi head-on at the bottom of the eighth. He corners him but Raichi eventually hits a home run. The Ugumori team reflects on the last pitch and remain optimistic for the summer. At Seidou, Miyuki and Zono are still at odds and later, Furuya's injury is found out.


Sawamura throws the cutter. Umemiya hits and the ball bounces to Sawamura's glove. Sawamura throws the ball to Kuramochi then from Kuramochi to Maezono. With the double play, Seidou wins the game. In different stadiums, other winners are revealed: Sensen Academy and Ichidaisan High (with returning player Amahisa Kousei) advance to the quarter finals. Meanwhile, the Yakushi versus Akikawa match is on the eighth inning and Raichi at bat. Shunshin faces him head-on after getting permission from his coach. He throws two strikes and the next pitch, the batted ball goes past the fence. With Raichi's solo home run, Yakushi bags the win.

At the Seidou Spirit Dorm, the team is happy they've won, with Sawamura bragging about the strike out in the last inning, annoying Kuramochi. On a different table, Miyuki and Maezono still argue about how Miyuki handles Nabe's case. Later, Kuramochi is asked who's side he's on. He answers no one, thinking about how the third years (Yuki's generation) used to argue like they are now, and wonders if their batch is getting closer.

Later that night, Furuya is revealed to have hurt his right foot during the game.

Manga and Anime Differences[]

  • In the manga the final score of the Yakushi versus Akikawa match is (2-0). In the anime it's (1-0).