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Akashi Seiya
Akashi Seiya 01
Seihou High's - Ace
Pitcher - 4th batter
Batted: Right Threw: Right
Kanji 明石聖也
Nickname Super First Year (超一年生) (by Media)[1]
Gender male
Age 17-18
Style Power pitcher, power batter
First Appearance
Manga Act II - Chapter 65
Voice Actor Nakai Kazuya

Akashi Seiya is the 3rd year Ace and 4th batter of Seihou High School. He made a debut in Summer Koshien in his 1st year and was referred to as the Super First Year by the media.


Akashi is a tall and very muscular athlete with especially big and strong lower body. He has a shaved head.


Akashi debut
Akashi debuts in Koshien

Akashi made his debut in the 88th Summer Koshien where he pitched 3 complete matches for his team all on his own and even contributed with his batting where he got 3 RBIs, in which 2 were home-run hits. The media then labels him as the Super First Year and he was even more famous than Narumiya Mei.[2]

In his second year, Akashi suffered an elbow injury that sidelined him from pitching for the majority of the year where he endured a period of persisting losses. He continued to contribute to his team with his batting regardless. Despite being the favourite to win the 89th Summer Koshien, Akashi and Seihou High were shutout by Narumiya.[3][2]

In his 3rd year, Akashi becomes the 4th batter of Seihou and also their Ace, resuming his pitching career. He was part of a 3 pitchers relay Seihou employed in the practice match against Inajitsu and was the starting pitcher in a double header practice match against Seidou.


Akashi is a power pitcher that utilize a big windup and a very high leg-kick motion in his delivery. To support his dynamic delivery, Akashi seems to have undergo considerable training to strengthen his lower body muscles, in particular his legs and thighs. His stride length is also long, making it looks like he is pitching closer and more imposing to the batter.

As a batter, Akashi is a hard slugger who can hits HR against a National level opponent or hit a pitch deep to outfield even if he was jammed and is the 4th batter of his team. He is also a very skillful batter mechanically as can adjust his batting approach to face off against moving pitches like Sawamura's. Also a persistent batter at the plate, Akashi can also forces the opposing pitcher to walk him by hanging tough and increasing their pitch count.



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