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A Nostalgic Face
Season 1, Episode 49
Air date September 21, 2014
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A Nostalgic Face (Natsukashii Kao, (懐かしい顔) is Episode 49 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. This episode covers chapters 143 through 145 of the manga.


Azuma drops by for a visit and once again gets a duel with Sawamura.


Tanba’s the only one who can wear the ace number on Seidou right now. Furuya has a mean fastball, but not much else. Plus he lacks stamina. Kawakami is a little too hard on himself, though he has the most experience out of any of them. He has a lot of mental fortitude and that takes you a long way as a pitcher. Eijun’s balls are hard to hit, but easily go to the outfield when they are. Without any other pitches in his arsenal, he’s going to lose more often than not after a few innings.

Eijun wants to take the next step. He wants to learn a breaking ball and, just like Tanba, that’ll make him much fiercer. After watching Yakushi’s Sanada, he wants to learn the cutter—a ball that’ll veer off in intended directions to jam the batter and force ground outs. I was saying earlier that I’d like to see a pitcher that forces contact instead of strikeouts, and Eijun seems to be growing into that pitcher. His fastball is hard to get a handle on, so he gets strikeouts early. But once they get it, he can pitch to contact with his breaking ball and Kazuya’s direction. If he learns the cutter, he could very well become the ace.