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2-seam Fastball
2-seam Sanada
First Seen
Manga Act I - Chapter ---
Anime S2 - Episode 37
Notable Users
Pitchers Sanada Shunpei

Sawamura Eijun

The 2-seam fastball is a type of breaking fastball pitch. The pitch has somewhat the speed of a fastball but also the movement of a screwball.

The 2-seam fastball breaks down and inside to a right-handed batter when thrown by a right-handed pitcher and vice versa for a left-handed pitcher. Like the Cutter, the 2-seam also breaks late close to the plate and is utilized to induce soft contact or ground balls.

The movement of the pitch may varies depending on the grips and the pitcher throwing it. The 2-seam fastball is noted in some cases to closely resembles a Sinker or a Shuuto.


Two-seam grip.

Several grips are used for the 2-seam fastball. The most commonly used one is to place the index and middle fingers along the 2 seam of the ball where the seams are closest together. Depending on the fingertip pressure of the pitcher when releasing the ball, the pitch can either has more sideway or downward movement.


Pitcher Description Image
Sanada Shunpei Sanada's 2-seamer has a late downward breaking movement and almost no visible sideway breaks which closely resembles a Sinker[1] See infobox
Sawamura Eijun Sawamura learned the 2-seamer late in Fall of his 1st year and perfected the pitch by his 2nd year.

Special Feature: Sawamura's 2-seam fastball has more of a Shuuto's breaking action, the pitch breaks to the side of his throwing arm and has little downward movement[2]

Sawamura 2-seam


  • The difference between the 2-seam fastball and the Shuuto is quite blurry outside of Japan and most MLB players would identify 2 pitches to be the same with perhaps little difference in the level of horizontal breaking movement. Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux was reported to have been a famous user of the Shuuto which at the time was widely considered to be just his 2-seam fastball that has especially more horizontal breaks than others. Similarly, Sawamura's 2-seam fastball can also considered to be a Shuuto due to its similar breaking action and the fact that both pitches has essentially identical grip.


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