Ōta Kazuyoshi
Seidou High School
Club President
Bats: - Throws: -
Kanji 太田 一義
Gender Male
Date of birth 14 September
Bloodtype A
Height 166 cm
Weight 85 kg
First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 4
Anime S1 - Episode 3
Voice Actor Eiji Takeuchi
He became the master of the bullpen before we knew it.
Oota about Ochiai Hiromitsu

Oota is the club president of the Seidou High baseball team. He is also a History teacher. [1]


Oota is a plump guy and it appears that he is a little bit smaller than Kataoka. He has short brown hair, sideburns and thick eyebrows. He often wears brown trousers and a green tie.


During games when Seidou is in a pinch,  Oota has a habit of constantly calling for Kawakami to replace the current pitcher.



Relationships with other charactersEdit

Kataoka TesshinEdit

Oota values Kataoka’s opinion and deeply respects him.

Sawamura EijunEdit

At the beginning of the series Oota didn't see nor believed in Sawamura's hidden talents. It seemed that he thought that Sawamura is bound for failure, but he eventually acknowledges and starts to trust him (even if only a little).

Kawakami NorifumiEdit

It's revealed during the series that Kawakami is his favorite pitcher on the team.[2]


  • "It's like the bullpen is his backyard." - about Sawamura [3]
  • "Kawakami won't let that be the end of it!" - to Kataoka [4]


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