Путь Аса Вики
Такашима Рей
Старшая Школа Сейдо
Помощник Тренера & Скаут
Бита: {{{Batted}}} Бросок: {{{Threw}}}
Кандзи 高島礼
Пол Женский
Возраст 26[1] (дебют)

27 (Глава 6)
28 (Глава 412)

Дата рождения 30 марта
Место рождения Токио
Группа крови A
Рост 169 см (5' 6.5")
Вес 49 кг (108 фунтов)
Образование неизвестно
Первое появление
Манга Глава 1
Аниме Эпизод 1
Актер-сейю Yumi Uchiyama

I'm going to give him a slap later - directly from his grandfather.
Рей о Эйдзюне

Такашима Рей - помощник главного тренера, а также скаутер бейсбольной команды Сейдо. Она также является преподавателем английского языка.[2]


She's been a scout and recruiter for Seidou for nearly four years and is responsible for bringing in some of its strongest players. She has an knack for spotting superior talent and a great sense of the game she recruits for.  Proof of her skills lies in the fact that her four most notable recruits all made first-string during their first year.


Катаока Тешин[]

Coming soon

Савамура Эйдзюн[]

She scouted Sawamura after seeing his last middle school team's match (which they lost).[3] She believes Sawamura has the potential to become the ace of the team.

Миюки Кадзуя[]

Her first recruit when she went to a game between Miyuki and Chris, during their middle school years. Originally, she showed up there to recruit just Chris until she witnessed Miyuki's game calls. Unfortunately Miyuki was only a first year in middle school.

Интересные факты[]


  • "He himself doesn't even know what he has."[4]
  • "I'm going to give him a slap later - directly from his grandfather."[5]
  • "I don't know any other coach who knows his players this well while keeping a distance."[6]


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