Путь Аса Вики
Мияучи Кейсуке
Miyauchi Keisuke
Старшая Школа Сейдо - № 12
Бита: Право Бросок: Право
Кандзи 宮内 啓介
Никнейм Мускулистый-семпай (マッスル先輩) (от Савамуры)
Пол Мужской
Возраст 17 (дебют)

18 (Глава 220)

Дата рождения 31 августа
Место рождения Префектура Сайтама
Группа крови O
Рост 176 см (5' 9")
Вес 80 кг (176 фунтов)
Образование 3-ий год Старшей Школы (дебют)

Выпускник (сейчас)

Класс 3-C
Первое появление
Манга Глава 30
Аниме Эпизод 12
Актер-сейю Taishi Murata

Я не желаю играть в второсортной игре.
Мияучи обращаясь к Реске

Мияучи Кейске - был третькурсником Старшей Школы Сейдо. В бейсбольной команде выступал на позиции второго кетчера первого состава. Родом из префектуры Сайтама.


Miyauchi has short black hair with a short tail end behind. He is the only character in the series/manga who snorts out from his nose which means he's either saying something serious, or he's irritated, pumped up or just doing anything that makes him exert effort.

He has a huge build which is attributed to his daily rigorous practice even after training. Miyauchi may look scary but is not as scary as Isashiki.


Miyauchi does not talk much. But when he does, he says the most important things in the shortest way. 

Deep inside, he knows Miyuki and Chris are catchers he may not be able to catch up to. However, he's the type of player who strives harder when surrounded by talented guys. Miyauchi, as commended by Chris, is a member with a very strong fighting spirit.

Despite being inferior to Miyuki in terms of baseball skills, he is a dignified player whom the former respects and feels threatened on several occasions after they retired. He also reminded Miyuki of his role as captain who has to look after his pitchers, specifically calling his attention to help Kawakami.

After the summer tournament, Miyauchi still occasionally visits the team and always reminds Miyuki of his tasks as the new captain. He is the 3rd years' official catcher during the 3rd years vs. current members intra-squad game.


His sense as a catcher is inferior to Miyuki's, but his catching skills are high. Miyauchi is good at meeting the opponent's runners with a rebuff thanks to his thoroughly tempered body. He trains persistently and in silence.

Интерсеные факты[]

  • Favorite Food : Sasami, Egg whites
  • Favorite Subject : Science in general
  • He likes unicorn beetles and his hobby is muscle training.
  • He respects Sawamura Hirokazu
  • He is disliked for often grabbing the pitchers nether region as a means to ease their tension.



  • "I'm not interested in a second-string game."[1]
  • "You've made it this far and there is no relief in sight. But you'll be fine. You've lost some of your velocity but you've pitches all game. Have some confidence!"[2]


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  2. Miyauchi to Nori in chapter 53 during their practice match against Inashiro.


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