Путь Аса Вики
Ватанабе Хисаши
Старшая Школа Сейдо
Левый филдер
Бита: Лево Бросок: Лево
Кандзи 渡辺 久志
Никнейм Набе
Пол Мужской
Возраст 17 (дебют)

18 [1]

Дата рождения 18 апреля, Овен
Группа крови O
Рост 172 см (5' 7.5")
Вес 58 кг (127 фунтов)
Образование 2-ой год Старшей Школы (дебют)

3-ий год Старшей Школы (сейчас)

Первое появление
Манга Глава 258
Аниме Сезон 2, Эпизод 9
Актер-сейю Akira Ishida

Ватанабе Хисаши - студент и бейсболист Старшей Школы Сейдо, выступая на поле левым филдером второго состава. Ранее был соседом по комнате с Энду Наоки.


Набе - плотно сложенный парень среднего роста. У него каштановые волосы и карие глаза.


Nabe and his friends are troubled that they may not be zealous enough compared to those around and are wondering if it's okay for them to be on the team like this.[2]

Nabe is entrusted with observing the matches of their upcoming opponents because he is good at making notes - his notes are maybe even on par with Chris' notes. Nabe is really grateful for something (collecting data) that he can do for the team and that he was really happy when Miyuki mouthed an apology to him during the match against Ugumori because it made him feel he was a member of the team, too. But at the same time it's at that time that he realized that the field, althought looks so close, feels infinitely far, and covering that long distance is beyond his abilities.


Миюки Кадзуя[]

Интересные факты[]


  • "They're like from a different race, after all... In comparison, we're like... just ordinary club members, I guess...? At this stage, it's like you can feel the... how should I put it... the difference in the frame of mind, perhaps... Ah, it's not like we're here just to admire from afar, of course. We were prepared to these three years here being difficult ... but somehow ..."[3]
  • "Then, you've been swinging the bat for yourselves, haven't you. If there's still a flame burning here [he touches the spot where Nabe's heart is], no matter how small, don't give up. Keep practicing your swing! Do even one extra swing. Recklessly. Not just for the team but for your own sake."[4]
  • "What he noticed was a very small detail, but for the team it was a major advantage."[5]



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